Evelyn Black

About Evelyn

Evelyn is a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant with over 17 years of experience; in past experiences she has held an AFAA certification & YMCA personal training certification.  Her daily work consists of providing skilled therapy services to patients here at Leading Edge.  Evelyn brings a very versatile skill set to Leading Edge that consists of: close attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile at all times for the company as a whole and also for the patients. To quote her: “I try to do what I can to make LEPT, co-workers, myself, AND patients successful.”  Her professional and personal ambitions include continuing to improve logical thinking and assessment of patients, and staying focused on the moment as opposed to the next thing that needs to be accomplished.  Evelyn loves working at Leading Edge because of the atmosphere and the camaraderie with co-workers and patients, and also seeing the patients’ quality of life improve.

Evelyn is married to her husband, Dennis, and they have a son, Phil.  Evelyn and Dennis love animals and they have various kinds of “fur kids”.  Her favorite sports team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  In her free time, Evelyn enjoys movies, zip-lining, animals, church, and spending time with her spouse, family, and friends.  She also enjoys most varieties of music and sings in the choir.

A quote that Evelyn enjoys is:

“You are free to roam around the earth and cause chaos and mayhem.”

Some quotes that she finds make the Leading Edge Patients smile or laugh are:

“The good Lord willing” & “The creek don’t rise”