Natalie Aviles

About Natalie

Natalie serves as a Healthcare Representative at the front desk here at Leading Edge Physical Therapy with over ten years of experience.   She brings various skills to the team such as being an extremely hard worker, and also being bilingual in Spanish and English.  What makes Natalie special is that she feels she can relate to most, if not all patients at Leading Edge.  Daily, she does everything she can to HELP; she answers phones, greets patients with a smile on her face, schedules and follows up with patients, and best of all she enjoys listening to patients talk to her.  Overall, she sees herself as the funny and crazy employee that continually strives to help her work family put smiles on the faces of the patients, to help them forget their pain in that very moment, and to make sure that the patients feel like Leading Edge is their family away from home.

Outside of work Natalie enjoys spending time with family and her “fur babies”, watching and collecting movies and shows, and listening to music.  She has 5 step-children, 7 grandbabies, 5 siblings plus over 20 siblings that her Dad has adopted/fostered, as well as 4 dogs.  She does not have a favorite sports team, but enjoys watching games and “talking smack to whichever team makes a wrong move.”

A positive quote for Natalie includes:

“The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.” –Lee Iacocca