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Are you a chest breather? Does your neck always feel tight? Have you tried stretching your neck with poor results?
It could be you are lifting your chest to breathe overworking your scalene muscles. If you sit at a desk, this position increases abdominal pressure making it easier to lift the chest in fill the lungs with air. This causes the scalene muscles to contract pulling the rib cage up against gravity. The average person breathes 12-16 times per minute which translates into 5500-8500 contractions per 8 hour workday. Imagine curling a 10 pound dumbbell 5500 times a day. How would your biceps feel? Sore? Tight? Achey? You bet! And then some.

What is the answer? Diaphragm breathing
You can train yourself to activate your diaphragm to inspire air into the lungs even while you sit. It takes work but the benefit is your neck will thank you for it.
Also consider changing to adjustable work station.