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I had right hand carpel tunnel and trigger finger surgery. When I came into Leading Edge the first day, I immediately felt comfortable with the staff and therapist. The pain and stiffness was moderate to severe, but most of my pain has been with the trigger finger. In a short time the therapy has greatly increased the mobility in the hand and I am finally able to straighten my finger. I believe the success was greatly increased by the superior physical therapy I received. I thank everyone at Leading Edge for the professional therapy I have received and the compassion I was given to help me get through it all.

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I would like to thank the wonderful staff for not only the help with my shoulder, but also the caring nature they use. Initially, my range of motion was very limited. I now have approximately 80% range, with information and tools to work on my own. I want to thank all of you for your help I encourage anyone who reads this to use Leading Edge.


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I developed several “trigger points” in the muscles behind my shoulder and traps area. One was hitting a nerve, causing tingling and loss of strength in my right arm. At the time I first saw Mike Ryan I knew of only one trigger point, but he listened to my explanation of my problem and thought there were probably several trigger points. He knew right where they would be. After my first visit, there was a noticeable difference. After two weeks the problem was all but gone. I pushed myself to 95% effort in the third week and had a follow up appointment to make sure things were still 100% and they were. Problem solved, and I had added stretching to my daily routine to prevent reoccurrences.

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I had severe sciatica – so severe I had to take a shower using a shower chair. I was unable to stand up and even fix my lunch without severe pain. My life had literally stopped and my husband had to do all the household duties I had previously done. I noticed great improvement after the first couple of visits and continued to improve with each treatment. I am resuming my life now and have a plan to maintain my level of wellness as I never want to go back to having the pain I had – ever! I’m so glad I came here instead of trying epidurals or surgery that I was told I needed to consider. I’m getting my life back – thank you to all of Leading Edge!


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The time I spent with the staff at Leading Edge was superb. Everyone there treated me with integrity and genuinely wanted me to get better. I was a little skeptical of the robotic machines at first, but they did get the job done. Mike and his staff are well educated in this field and I would recommend Leading Edge to anyone in need of rehab.

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My experience was really a great one. I was hurt in Iraq by an IED. After many months of suffering pain and taking lots of pain medication, and being depressed, I was finally helped. I was treated with the support that I needed for my recovery. After four months of therapy, finally I am able to go back to normal activities. I am thankful for their help and the support they give to our troops. Again, thank you.


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My arm was hurting so I came here. They helped me fix my arm and I also made friends with the people here. We did a lot of work and day by day my arm was fixed. Now I pitch faster than ever.

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I had a lot of pain in my lower back. That pain limited my daily activities – walking, sitting, dressing, driving and the list goes on. After coming to Leading Edge for a week my pain was less and I was able to do more and more each day. By the end of my therapy time I was able to do all my activities without the pain in my lower back. Thank you to the Leading Edge team. You’re the best.

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