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Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy (sometimes abbreviated PT) is a branch of rehabilitative therapy used in the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat/cold treatment, electrical stimulation, and exercise as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, drugs or surgery.

Physical therapy is a clinical health science. Physical therapists study medical science subjects, including anatomy, neuroscience, and physiology in order to obtain the health knowledge needed to prevent, diagnose, and treat patients with a wide range of physical ailments. Physical therapists use their knowledge to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent permanent disabilities.

At Leading Edge Physical Therapy, we use a wide range of advanced hands-on manual therapy, Therbo-Robotics, Massage Therapy, and exercises that are proven to alleviate pain and restore normal range of motion and physical activity.

Therbo Robotic Therapy

Therbo Robotic™ Therapy is a breakthrough technology, following the same principles as Muscle Balance Therapy in order to lengthen muscles, decrease pain, and restore healthy function. 
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Massage Therapy

Of all the numerous and diverse rehabilitation and specialized services Leading Edge offers, massage therapy is definitely a patient favorite. Massage therapy is the perfect complement...
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Pelvic Health

A specific and specialized type of physical therapy rehabilitation focusing on pelvic floor health for bowel, bladder, and sexual functions....
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