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Ergonomics Services

Ergonomics Services at Leading Edge Physical Therapy

Leading Edge offers ergonomic services with on-site evaluations of workplace specific ergonomic requirements, examining the fit between employee and workspace to maximize efficiency and decrease injury.

The Ergonomic Consultation—typically lasting two-five hours per job title—considers each worker’s size, strength, and ability to handle tasks, tools, as well as the overall work environment. Our experts meet with employers to identify problem areas and to discuss existing health maintenance employee programs.

Information obtained during the Ergonomic Consultation will aid us in our preparation of a comprehensive report. This report will identify potential risk factors and cost-effective solutions to improve worker safety and performance. This report will be reviewed by our staff with your management team to determined the best possible course of action.

Why is this Ergonomics Services important?

Extensive research and experience have proven that Ergonomic Consultations reduce work-related injuries which leads to a decline in workers’ compensation claims.

What is Unsupported Elbow Syndrome

Unsupported Elbow Syndrome is a condition where the Levator Scapulae muscle spasms from being overworked due to unsupported elbows. The muscle from the shoulder blade to the neck contracts, getting shorter, harder, and less flexible. Without adequate support, the elbows are working as if they were holding a 20-pound dumbbell, creating a painful trigger point.

Who is at risk of Unsupported Elbow Syndrome

Gravity is not your friend if you work at a desk or drive for a substantial amount of time. Without adequate support, the elbows are working as if they are holding a 20-pound dumbbell creating painful trigger points.

Over the years Leading Edge has discovered a pattern of dysfunction that can be commonly found in patients working at a desk or driving a car. These activities have two unhealthy factors in common. First, they both require a substantial amount of sitting. Second, they both promote the use of unsupported elbows when sitting.

People with Unsupported Elbow Syndrome typically have the following issues: Overweight, Poor Posture, Stiff Neck, Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Shoulder Pain.

Relief from Unsupported Elbow Syndrome

Relief from Unsupported Elbow Syndrome is not only possible, but probable, by simply incorporating three easy steps into your daily routine.

1. Reposition at your desk

Most people sit and pull their keyboard out from under the desk. We recommend moving the monitor back on the desk top and placing the keyboard and mouse on top of the desk. Your chair should be able to slide underneath the desk allowing you to have supported elbows on the desk top.

2. Change Muscle Lengths Frequently

  • For the lower back, get up and talk a brief walk to the restroom or water cooler.
  • For the neck and shoulders, do the recommended stretching (see brochure) for 5 minutes to reduce muscle tension.

3. Change to an Adjustable/Standing Workstation

For every two hours that you sit at a desk, we recommend standing for at least 20 minutes.

Sitting is Killing You

Sitting is the new smoking – with an average of 5 hours and 40 minutes per workday spent sitting, our risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and even depression is rapidly on the rise. Research shows that hitting the gym is not the answer. Regardless of fitness level, sitting is bad for you. A recent study puts some precise numbers on the cancer risks associated with too much sitting. For every two hours spent sitting in front of the computer or television, the average person raises his or her risk of colon cancer by 8%, of endometrial cancer by 10%, and of lung cancer by 6%. Stand up, it’s good for your mind & body.

Check out our Unsupported Elbow Syndrome and Sitting Disease Brochure!