Danna Peterson

About Danna

Everyone, this is Danna! Most people call her Dana but it is Danna (Dah-nuh), don’t worry if you get it wrong she won’t correct you. This little ball of fire is the most patriotic woman you will ever meet; she loves her 5 sons and 1 daughter like she loves her country-DEEPLY & ENTHUSIASTICALLY. Danna is the Billing & Insurance Manager at Leading Edge. She enjoys and thrives at coming up with ways to make work fun, ie. themes for Spirit Week, Football Season, and Patriotic Holidays. Competition is her middle name, lookout because she always has something up your sleeve that will one-up, or even ten-up, what you have in mind. Danna has been Married for 30+ years and has LEPT’s first grandchild, Squishy, whom when he comes in for a visit makes all the women at the clinic go goo-goo. Outside of LEPT, Danna volunteers with East Coast Maine Coon Rescue where she fosters cats until they can be adopted along with Catz Meow where she assists with the transporting of cats to their forever home.

 When asked….”What is your favorite thing about Leading Edge?”

“We provide a positive, uplifting environment that the patients love. We all work together as a team to help the patient get better. I love the way we treat the Active Duty & Veteran patients we see, it is so important to take care of those who serve.”