Evelyn Black

About Evelyn

Up next is our animal-loving Physical Therapy Assistant, Evelyn. This curly haired cutie opened up our doors with Mike, she has been here from the beginning. Evelyn is active in and out of her church, from working with the Special Needs Equestrian Team to helping rescue Prairie Dogs. She also has a basket full of recipes that are guaranteed to make you grin, and maybe gain a few pounds. She will be the first comfort you with food in happy and in sad times. You may frequently see her at neighborhood yard sales, on long hikes, or at the movies. Evelyn and her husband’s love filled marriage is one for the books, they love each other almost as much as they love the Lord! When your session is up, she is sure to say one of two things: 1. See you next visit, God willing and the creek don’t rise. or 2. You can now go out and cause chaos and mayhem.

When asked….”What is your favorite thing about Leading Edge?”

“I love the robots and how it sets up apart from the rest, I even wish I had one at home!”