Jodi Boone-Baird

About Jodi

You’re sure to be greeted with a smile from our next admin girl, welcome to the group, Jodi. Jodi is one of our Healthcare Representatives. She’s blessed in many talents, Jodi enjoys singing in praise and worship, volunteer with various arts ministries, drawing, and traveling. Jodi is blessed with a God-filled marriage, 2 strong, handsome sons, and 1 beautiful daughter. They are the light of her life, and it shows when she speaks of them. This sassy sweetheart is bound to have a bible verse to lift your spirits, or a witty comment to make you chuckle. Her heart is as big as her patience and her ability to listen to you whole heartedly. She does have a small obsession, CHRISTMAS! Jodi, before moving to Florida, had 12 Christmas trees in her home. She is sad to report that she is down to a mere 5 now.

When asked….”What is your favorite thing about Leading Edge?”

“I LOVE the sense of family here at LEPT, not just the employees, but the patients too! Everyone is equally important and brings their own sense of uniqueness to the table.”