Shay Atkinson

About Shay

Next we present to you, Shay, our wonderfully talented Massage Therapist. Her miracle hands are guaranteed to put a hurtin’, I mean healing, on you! She is tiny but she is mighty! She loves to feel your knots “melt like butta.” Shay is available for deep tissue massages or relaxation massages here at Leading Edge on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She graduated with her license in Massage Therapy at Everst University. Her family is all extremely close, but argue every day, that’s how you measure love in the Atkinson family. She thanks God every day for the hands He blessed her with, and you will to! If you hear a loud laugh it’s probably Shay, it is the most infection cackle you will ever hear!

When asked….”What is your favorite thing about Leading Edge?”

“I love that we are a family, you get me and I get you!”