How we can help you

Leading Edge believes that we can greatly impact your recovery from surgery or pain. Using the following 3 steps, we will address every aspect of your treatment and devise a plan for complete recovery.

  1. Identifying Therapy Needs

    The first step to successful treatment is determining that you are a candidate for physical therapy. If you are experiencing muscular or joint pain, or if your doctor has recommended physical therapy for you, call us to obtain the proper forms for your appointment. If your insurance requires, you’ll need to obtain a prescription from your doctor for treatment. Our supportive office staff can help you through this process.

  2. Analysis & Treatment Goals

    At your initial appointment, you’ll meet with a certified physical therapist to discuss your needs, assess your pain, and determine your specific treatment goals. We’re great listeners, and your needs will be heard. Keeping you involved every step of the way, together we will outline a specific treatment plan just for you.

  3. Treatment & Outcome Assessment

    Once treatment has begun, we will continually assess your progress to ensure that your goals are being met. We will provide you with at-home exercises that will enable you to make as much progress as possible.


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