Hannah Webster

About Hannah

Hannah-Hands-Hannah! This nickname was lovingly given to Hannah by our dearly missed coworker, Allan Lefler. Hannah is blessed with two loving parents and a little brother, whom she says is a handful enough—no other siblings needed. They, as a family, have game nights and even a home-made family game called The Marble Game which is a generation to generation tradition. Once you walk into the therapy room, I promise you’ll hear her cracking dad jokes; which she actually learns from her dad. Hannah earned her Athletic Trainer Degree from the University of North Florida. Hannah works with local schools on and off the fields, she loves all things sports. Her favorite team is the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team: “USA-USA-USA!” Hannah is a hard working, heart-loving giver who enjoys volunteering in and out of our community including returning to Haiti to help those less fortunate!

When asked….”What is your favorite thing about Leading Edge?”

“I love that we can offer many services that other clinics don’t have. I also love that we genuinely care about our patient and give fully comprehensive and hands-on therapy to our patients.”