Kathryn White

About Kathryn

Get your giggles ready because next up is Kathryn. This cool Kat is one of our Physical Therapist Assistants. She may have hands like ice, but she can work out any issue you may be facing when you walk in our door – guaranteed! You may catch one of her sly remarks as a way to make you smile through the pain. Kathryn loves to play volleyball, partake in crafting, and playing games, but her favorite way to pass time is to spend it with her sweet daughter, Lucy. And believe us, quirkiness runs in the family! Kathryn earned her degree from Keiser University and has been helping people heal ever since. She is sure to make a connection with you from the day you meet until the day you graduate!

When asked….”What is your favorite thing about Leading Edge?”

“I love our family feeling we project!”